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Film Horses & Location Services

The Vagoni team has expertise with both filming at our stables as well as transporting and wrangling horses to shoot on-location. We have supplied our facilities for film shoots as well as long term arrangements for television series which featured our club as a recurring setting in their stories.

Aside from transportation and handling we offer riders as stunt doubles or training for the actors if they need to be seen as themselves on the horse.

Our horses have appeared in several TV commercials filmed in Greece, music videos and feature films. Below is a list of productions that have featured our animals and our club. Underlined titles link to video.

Nova Movies (2010) TVC

NIVEA Q10 France  (2012) Viral

Κλεμμένα Ονειρα (2011 - 2015) TV Series

Ο Θεός Αγαπάει το Χαβιάρι (2012) Feature Film

Jumbo Σχολικά" (2014) TVC

Monophonics - "Strange Love" (2014) Music Video

Cosmote "Power of Light" (2017) TVC

Γυναίκα Χωρίς Όνομα (2018-2019) TV Series

Plaisio "Bluetooth Headsets" (2019) Web Promo

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